The priority of S. Maria in Stelle's Parish, is to be able to offer an efficient visit service of the site, meanwhile strictly caring about its fragility, and mainly about the risk of frescos' deterioration.

In order to preserve the internal microclimate, not more than 20 people a day, are allowed inside the Hypogeum. Only 5 visitors at a time, including the guide can descend into the subterranean chambers.

The visit will last 50 minutes, of which the first 15 minutes for history introduction, 25 minutes inside the Hypogeum itself, and the other 10 minutes for visiting the close surroundings, such as the church with its own frescos, the bell-tower, and the nearby stone washboards.

Booking in advance is required and can be done by e.mail, starting from 3 months before, up to 5 working days prior the date of visit. Since the guides are volunteers, this will help us to better organize and manage your experience.

Once booking is confirmed, visitors are kindly requested to be in S. Maria Assunta Church front piazza, 5 minutes before the scheduled visit time. Before entering the Hypogeum, visitors are also requested to deposit things such as backpacks, umbrellas, food and drinks that may damage the frescos painted walls. It's also advisable to wear confortable shoes. Taking pictures or films is not allowed.

There is no entrance ticket, but everyone can make a free offer.