Do you want to be one of our guides, taking care of the Hypogeum and its visitors? Are you a member of S.Maria in Stelle's community, or living nearby? The activities required will range from managing the reservations and welcoming the public, to supplying and organizing basic teaching material. You can also help us, planning/arranging small events, dealing with the social media and public relations. So if you are willing to help us in some of these ways, please write to us.


Are you a student or a researcher? Your precious knowledge could very well enrich us, and add more useful information to the Hypogeum. If you are keen on the subject, please send us an e.mail, to tell us your priorities. Our exchange of experiences will definitely be of great value.


Are you working in the promotion of religious tourism? We are open and interested in partnership focusing in sacred art. We start from acquiring specific knowledge, preferably using digital tools. Our main goal is to value the theological, spiritual and catechesical powerful features of the Hypogeum, in a dynamic and modern way.


Are you running your own business in Valpantena area? By helping the re-opening of the Hypogeum as a sponsor, you are supporting a very appealing archeological site. You are also showing great respect and love for art and culture, giving a remarkable push to the development of local tourism.


If you would like to support us and contribute to our mission, you can do so by making a donation. Every little bit helps and allows us to continue promoting the culture and history of our area. Thank you for your support!
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